“Migrating to Provenir made a big difference for us and we are now left with a flexible, understandable, maintainable and cost effective credit system.”

Willie Van Zyl, Senior Solutions Analyst, Lewis Group, South Africa


In The Path to Painless Consumer Lending and Credit Decisioning recording you will learn how the Provenir Risk Decisioning Platform was able to help the Lewis Group:

  • Increase business agility by replacing an inflexible solution
  • Cut time and costs with in-house development
  • Deliver a better customer experience with automated credit decisioning 
  • Promote business-IT collaboration with visual, easy-to-use configuration capabilities


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Willie Van Zyllinkedin_icon.png

Senior Solutions Analyst 

at Lewis Group, South Africa

Stephen Kiely, linkedin_icon.png

Editor at CCR Magazine

Anjali Joglekarlinkedin_icon.png

Client Solutions Consultant at Provenir